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Metropolia Motorsport has landed on US soil

Metropolia Motorsport finished strongly at the 2012 FSAE Michigan competition coming in at 7th place out of 105 teams that participated. HPF011 / 20 also proved its reliability and speed as it completed the endurance run with an excellent finishing position of 4th place. This was the fifth endurance test that the vehicle had to complete in the competition, and there are still two more to go.

The next competition for the team is at the Formula North event in Canada which is happening for the first time ever. This challenge begins on May 24th and runs over the weekend until Sunday 27th. The competition is held in Barrie which is located in Ontario close to Toronto. Expectations for the event are high since it has already established good partnerships despite the competition being in its first year.

Formula North is the ending point for Metropolia Motorsports’ journey across the seas. On May 31st, the team will head back to Finland and start the preparation for the next Baltic Open held at the end of August in Darmstad, Germany.

Follow Metropolia Motorsport also on their homepage and on Facebook.

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