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Northern Formula SAE teams and Mobil 1™ continue on their way to engineering success!

Mobil 1 continues to back young engineers in their search for perfection by supporting the Finnish Formula Student team, Metropolia Motorsport, for the eleventh year in a row. This year, Mobil 1 has decided to expand its support in Northern Europe by also supporting the Norwegian Formula Student team, Revolve NTNU.

Formula SAE is an international design competition in which engineering students design and develop Formula-style race cars that they compete in around the world.

This year, for the first time ever, Metropolia Motorsport will enter competitions across the globe from Michigan, USA to Darmstadt, Germany. The Norwegian team will focus on European competitions held at Silverstone, Hockenheim and Darmstadt.

The teams use the latest innovations in their engines and trial performance-improving techniques on the race track.

“It is of utmost importance to us that we can rely on our engine performance on any given track condition. Mobil 1 provides us with lubricants that can last under conditions in which normal conventional oils could not compete” says John-Robert Yrjölä, Team Manager, Metropolia Motorsport.

“This year will be really exciting for us as we are competing in the Formula SAE series for the first time. It’s great to start the competitive season in cooperation with Mobil 1 and therefore be assured of our engines delivering maximum performance during the entire season” says Hans Olav Hilsen, Sponsor Manager, Revolve NTNU. He continues: “We are thrilled to be supported by Mobil 1 that helps bring success to the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart.”

The Norwegian team is competing in the Formula SAE series for the first time. Image: Revolve, NTNU

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