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01 10 2013

Metropolia Motorsport Has Finished Their First Year In Formula Student Electric

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science – Formula Student –team Metropolia Motorsport has competed their first year with a pure electric formula. HPF013E was a two year project towards a new wave of development within the team. The work started from scratch and ended to a concept with a unique completely in house designed powertrain with independent drive to both rear wheels.


The season started with a home competition, Baltic Open Helsinki the 10th year anniversary of a roving Baltic region competition. Baltic Open is friendly contact binding competition for teams from around the Baltic-sea, although the 10th year anniversary lured teams from as far as Akron, Ohio and Montréal, Canada. All together 22 teams competed for the BO trophy. As being an unofficial competition BO accepts also old cars.

Metropolia Motorsport entered with 3 cars, the latest HPF013E, last year’s HPF011/20 and 2005 model HPF005. All of the cars competed successfully in all five events of acceleration, super slalom, autocross CW, autocross CCW and endurance. The best performer of Helsinki Metropolia UAS was HPF011/20 finishing 4th in the overall scoring and 1st in acceleration. Second best was HPF005 finishing 10th overall. HPF013E finished 15th in it’s debut race. http://baltic-open.eu.

The season continued with Formula Student Hungary august 22 - 25th. FSH being an official competition Metropolia Motorsport competed only with it’s latest design, HPF013E. Technical difficulties forced the team to retreat from the dynamic events. Never the less all static events where entered. HPF013E and the team took 9th place in engineering design, 20th place in cost analysis, 26th place in business plan presentation. The success brought the team to a respectable static overall position of 15th. http://fshungary.hu/

Last competition for HPF013E was Formula Student Austria august 26 – 29th. With the technical difficulties resolved, HPF013E was again ready to compete in dynamics. Quickly altering weather of Austria was a huge challenge for all the teams competing. Sadly HPF013E was forced to run both autocross and endurance in heavy rain, leading into a big gap between the teams that got their endurance run in dry and warm conditions. Overall Metropolia Motorsport finished 27th of 39 teams entered. Highlights being 12th in cost analysis and 19th in endurance. More information and the complete results can be found from the competition web sites: http://fsaustria.at/


First season in FS electric was definitely an educating one. The whole team gained a lot of experience to up the ante for next year. After the competitions HPF013E will serve as a great learning and development platform for the current and new team members. Last but not least the team would like to thank you all of our partners for making this project come thru! Next year, new round aiming even higher!

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